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              Prefabricated Industrial Shed Manufacturer in Kolkata 


The next time you are trying to create a much-awaited residential or commercial structure, or modular resort to help improve your business, our team from CND Engineering, prefabricated industrial shed manufacturer, is always there to the rescue. We have explored different constructional means and are ready to offer the best response.

Prefabricated Industrial Shed manufacturer in kolkata

Holding decades of experience in this field, we are one leading name to consider while looking for the best Prefabricated Industrial shed manufacturer in Kolkata. We have been on the job of manufacturing commercial sheds, thanks to the proper use of our superior materials, brilliant ideas, and modern technologies as used.

  • Our clients trust us mainly because of our quality work and delivering all sorts of projects on time. 

  • We have some of the best customized industrial shed solutions in store for you.

  • You can get the sheds at competitive rates.

  • We have gained expertise in this field by offering top-quality industrial sheds for a long time.


From our prefabricated factory shed manufacturer in kolkata, you will receive solutions for various applications, like in:

  • Manufacturing sector

  • Commercial Sector

  • Industrial sector

  • Warehousing solution

  • Logistics industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Factory building and more


Many companies are now currently working with us for manufacturing anything from small storage units to some giant sheds.

Industrial Godown Shed
Pre Fabricated Shed

The products we design over here:

The products, that we, industrial shed fabricator in kolkata, have designed so far, are acclaimed extensively by our previous clients. They love our sheds for their value-added features. Some of those are out there for reference.

  • Gleaming finish for making them stand out in the crowd

  • Captivating patterns and even customizing designs as you will

  • Vivacious appearance to make it different from the rest

  • Beautiful design and capturing our client’s ideas completely

  • Mesmerizing look that will make these industrial sheds something to look at

  • Get quality industrial sheds from us within your pre-set budget plans

  • Higher durability means making the sheds last longer

  • Corrosion resistance is another major feature of our industrial shed


We, manufacturer and fabricator of industrial shed, are known to offer affordable items, known for their optimum performance level.

Warehouse Shed:

As industrialization is becoming commonplace rapidly, there is rapid growth towards prefabrication. It is a major strategy that most industries are willing to adopt these days. It is one proven way to reduce the time and cost of construction, minimizing the level of waste and also making the designs quite flexible. 

At CND Engineering, we are offering experienced services when it comes to warehouse shed development. Backed up by decades of experience, our Warehouse shed manufacturer in Kolkata can complete all the structures as needed and make them as strong as possible. 

We are designing and building top-class warehouse sheds by using a wide range of prefabricated products. We can custom made any design you want, following the client’s specifications. We have our own manufacturing unit where the magic takes place.

Our professional team is proficiently trained to deliver excellent results all the time. We have mastered every stage of the shed manufacturing unit. Right from gathering the requirements to the final installation of the product, we are here to cover it all. So, there is no need to look any further for secondary help.

Pre Fabricated Manufacturer Shed
Industrial Warehouse Shed

Custom-designed warehouse sheds for you:

Our pre-engineered construction technology has currently gained global recognition. With the passing of time, more Indian industries are adopting this new-age technology. That is making inroads within the entire construction industry. 

Our team of Warehouse shed fabricator in Kolkata is more than happy to work on the pre-engineered items, which will offer modern and innovative methods to get the shed done right, in an energy-efficient manner. 

We offer cost-effective services and can make the warehouse sheds 50 times faster than our competitors. We know that construction sectors have deadlines to match, and we will cover the task on your behalf. So, make sure to give us a call whenever you are in need of making valuable sheds for your use.

Industrial Roof Shed

PEB Building:

Industrial Factory Shed

Our team from CND Engineering is known to offer some of the best pre-engineered steel building systems of PEB buildings within pre-set budget plans. Our PEB Building manufacturer in Kolkata is working on flexible designs, just to match your needs. Our business system is highly advantageous as it is economical and allows for creating larger column-free enclosures.

There are some alternative structural framing choices. Some of those are light gauge metal and mill steel. These framing choices will use more steel and are considered to be expensive to craft. However, the primary applications for our PEB building will have industrial applications to them like distribution centers, warehouses, complex industrial facilities and so much more. 

CND engineering is the PUF manufacturers in Kolkata. These panels are being used in PEB shed and PEB building in roof and wall cladding. These PUF panels are normally used as an insulated materials.

Our system is widely known to be used for riding arenas, retail stores, automotive shops, horse barns, airplane hangars, workshops, entertainment and sports arenas, churches, schools, government buildings, and even cultivation facilities.

PEB Building

Choosing the best team for your help

Once you have chosen us as your PEB Building fabricator in Kolkata, there is no turning back. You will receive free quotes once you have taken the time to get in touch with us. We are known to offer the least expensive PEB module to give out a try. So, once you have planned to work with our highly skilled team, there is no need to look for a secondary helping hand.

PVC False ceiling

Our high-end commitment toward service:

At CND Engineering, we understand that different customers have flexible needs. We have been dealing with customers with different mindsets and were able to provide them with the much-needed requirements. We even offer customized guidance, designed for each project separately. This experience might get a little intimidating at first, but worth giving out a try. Overall, we are ready to offer you top-notch services, which are now just a call away!

CND engineering the leading manufacturer of Shed

Who We Are

About Our Company

CND Engineering is considered to be one of the leading shed manufacturers and fabricators in Kolkata and for good reasons.


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Professional Employees


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Pradipta Chattopadhyay


CND engineering the Shed Fabricator

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs l

We first try to understand the requirements of our clients. We then provide the budgetary estimation to them to start the ball rolling. If our clients require only consultancy support we do; if they require support for materials procurement we extend our full cooperation; when they require our service for execution of the project we provide them skilled and unskilled labors. 

Commercial Construction

Residential Construction


Site Management

Special Projects

Infrastructure Construction

Civil Engineering

Landscape Construction

What We do

In CND Engineering we have already completed varities of projects in last 10 years in different verticals. Our core area of expertise is critical project handling in chemical plant, power plant, paint manufacturing unit where on site customized construction is really a challange. We provide services to the essential sectors in 24X7 manner. Even during the recent epidemic we have tried our best to provide contionious support to the essential sectors where client demand. It is our constant endeavour to provide effective services to our clients whenever and whererever these are required.

Our Projects

Our Clients

We believe each client is a long term partnership

Berger Paints
Ganesh Grains
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IIT Kharagpur
Indira Gandhi Memorial School
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