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MS Materials analysis

Materials Analysis

Hollow Tubes

Hollow Tubes

Have you ever heard of the importance associated with hollow tubes? Well, we at CND Engineering are happy to help you understand the importance of Hollow Tubes – RHS, SHS, and Round and how you can get the best deals from our side without burning a hole in your pocket. 


Hot Rolled

In layman’s terms, rolling is targeted as the temperature at which the metal is rolled. In case the temperature is above the re-crystallization temperature, then the process is called hot rolling. When it comes to usage, the Hot rolled – ISMB, ISMC, and ISA will process more tonnage when compared to any of the other manufacturing processes.

Our team from the house of CND Engineering is more than happy to offer you the best hot rolled options here. Depending on the Indian standards, we are able to make changes, as per the client’s growing demands these days. 

MS Plate

MS Plate and Chequered

The current construction industry is indeed highly dependent on premium quality steel materials. Steels are core materials within every construction site. It helps to increase the building’s strength to the next level. So, if you don’t have proper steel near your hands, your construction industry holds no future.

Maybe you are planning to construct a new home from the scratch. Well, no matter what your design has been, you must be sure of the kind of steel you should purchase. See, if your chosen option can withstand years of daily pressure. Well, our MS plates and chequered plates from CND Engineering can easily cover your needs, as and when required.

Nut Bolt

Nut Bolts

If you are getting ready to enter the contracting job, then the value of nut bolts is hard to resist. These nuts and bolts will get the job right for you. We, at CND Engineering, have been associated with the construction world for a long time and have worked with some of the best Nut bolts in town. The main goal of these materials is to ensure the best fastener support needed to enhance the safety notion of our structure.


Profile Polycarbonate Sheet 
for Day Light Solution

While focusing on prefab construction works, we, at CND Engineering, have to pay quite some attention to roofing. We want the roof to stand tall and also provide the ultimate UV protection that clients are desperately looking for. That’s why we are currently using a Profile polycarbonate sheet for daylight solution as a result. These sheets are procured from our trusted vendors and they are tested out for durability and long-lasting working ability. Based on that result, we will use the best product available in the market.

Puf Panel

PUF panel and other insulated materials for wall cladding

When it comes to construction work, it is indeed mandatory to know that we are using the best PUF or polyurethane foam panel. PUF is one of the widely used sandwich-based panels associated with prefabricated construction technology. As we, at CND Engineering, are known to work on modular offices, homes, and resorts, it means we are associated with the prefab arena for a long time now. So, there is always a growing use of PUF panels and other insulated materials for wall cladding from our side.

We are known to use the best PUF panels from different vendors, who have been working with us for ages now. So, you can expect to get the most promising reward from our side now. 

Self Drill screw

Self drill screw and Silicone

Whenever you are checking out the material list from our side at CND engineering, you always get to see a wide collection of Self drill screws and Silicone these days. These screws and silicone materials form a significant part of our construction industry. Learning about the needs beforehand is always important, just to be sure what our experts are capable of handling right now.

turbo ventilators

Turbo Ventilator, Ridge Ventilators

While checking out the list of materials that we are using at CND Engineering for covering our construction work, you have probably come across different types of ventilators. Among the lot, turbo and ridge are some of the notable options to consider. We have checked the working conditions of the Turbo Ventilator in order to provide the best result as and when asked for. 

Z Purlin

Z Purlin and C Purlin

There are different major components, which help in improving the stability rate of a metal building. In terms of roofing and their growing needs, you can always see the use of purlins big time. Right now, you can get premium-quality Z Purlin and C Purlin from us at CND Engineering. The main goal of these metallic purlins is to provide proper structural support to the roof, as and when needed.


Galvalume Sheets and accessories 

Our team at CND Engineering is more than happy to assist you with your prefab construction means. Whether you are planning to create modular houses or office areas, a driveway shed, or even a gardening shed, we are always there for you. We have already talked about our services and how we help in accomplishing the best results. Now, we have shifted our focus toward material analysis. Here, you will learn about various kinds of Galvalume Sheets and accessories we use, just to provide value-added results in the end.

Aluminium window

Aluminum windows and Fire doors

Whenever construction is underway, you have to think about the durability of windows and doors. You don’t just want a window that is strong and durable but also needs one that can withstand hefty weather changes. On the other hand, the fire-proof doors will give you the opportunity to call for help and save your belongings to a great extent. That’s why, our team from CND Engineering, is now working with the best Aluminum windows and Fire doors to complete their modular structures.

Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine flooring

While constructing the prefab building for residential and official uses, we are known to rely on the best flooring option at CND Engineering. Our team is ready to help you get your hands on the best Mezzanine flooring option around here. This flooring will provide you with maximum vertical space in the building. So, it means, our customers will receive extra square footage without the need to relocate or extend the building’s current hold.

Why Us

Are you looking for modular homes, offices, or furnishing items? If the answer is yes, then you are already on your way, looking for the best team to get your hands on. You will be bombarded with multiple options coming your way. However, looking for the best team is of utmost necessity because you will be allotting a lot of money and time from your side to get the best result. Well, once you have planned to work with us at CND Engineering, there is no need to look any further for a secondary option at all. We got your back in offering top-notch quality results all the time!

Lowest price guaranteed

Well, the best thing about our manufacturer and Installer in Bihar is that we work on quality and not always the price tag. So, when compared to some of our competitors, you will find our services will be cost-effective.

  • Compare different price plans from our side to others, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see the rates we have settled for you.

  • No matter how complex the project seems to be, we have the lowest price guaranteed from our side.

  • In case, you need to make changes, we offer edit services too, just to provide you with the exact replica of your needful results.

Submission of drawing along with material details before execution

We always like to maintain transparency with our clients. So, our manufacturer and Installer in Guwahati will get you involved in your project from the very beginning.

  • Before we start the execution process, we follow some rules just to ensure that both of us are on the same page.

  • For that, we will submit the drawing of the modular office, home, resort, or furniture to you before actually starting with the process.

  • Not just the drawing, but we will provide material details as well to get your final approval, before starting with the execution process.

  • It shows that you will be well-acquainted with our work modules from the get-go and won’t have any issues down the road.

Transparent and fast work procedure

Our transparency speaks on behalf of our great work! We believe that time is money and that not everyone has ample time in hand to wait and get their services covered. That’s why we always focus on transparent and fast working processes. Once you have chosen us for the furniture or modular home, we will get that covered on time, always!

Turn key project handling

Our manufacturer and Installer in Jharkhand are able to cover the entire project from the very beginning. Right from the material selection before the execution to the final project completion, you will find us by your side all the time. We are able to handle turn-key projects with ease, due to years of experience backing us up!

So, next time you need any modular help for your home or office, our services are just a click away! Now you know why we are famous in terms of our work.

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