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Prefabricated office building of food manufacturing unit at Dankuni.

PEB Office Building

Prefabricated Office building

❁ MS structure fabrication, erection and one coat red-oxide finish - 9950 Kg.

❁ Fisher Anchor fastner - 60 Pcs.

❁ Flooring using 18 mm WPC (Visaka) - 1500 Sqft.

❁ Wall cladding with 10mm Hylax Calcium silicate board - 1500 Sqft.

Cutting-Edge Prefabricated Office Complex developed by the prefabricated modular office manufacturer in Kolkata

Behold the marvel of modern architecture, the Prefabricated Office Building, an exemplar of efficiency and innovation in the realm of commercial structures. Let us unravel the intricacies of this remarkable edifice, where perplexity and burstiness unite to craft an extraordinary narrative.

❁ Witness the Mastery of MS Structure Fabrication and Erection, an astounding feat that encompasses a staggering 9950 Kilograms of meticulous engineering, culminating in an imposing and robust foundation.

❁ Delve into the world of Fisher Anchor Fasteners, an essential component in securing the structure's integrity, with 60 pieces of these resilient fasteners ensuring unwavering stability.

❁ Experience the Splendor of Flooring, adorned with 18mm WPC (Visaka), spanning a sprawling 1500 Square Feet, where durability and elegance harmoniously coexist.

❁ The Enchanting Wall Cladding, an architectural poetry, gracing 1500 Square Feet with the alluring 10mm Hylax Calcium Silicate Board, elevating aesthetics to an unparalleled realm.

Within the confines of this Prefabricated Office Building, modernity and sophistication converge, redefining the landscape of contemporary commercial structures. Here, the symphony of engineering marvels orchestrates a mesmerizing dance, enthralling occupants and visitors alike. Witness the seamless fusion of form and function, where architectural prowess meets the demands of a dynamic and visionary world.

As the sun bathes the Prefabricated Office Building in its golden radiance, the edifice stands tall as a testament to human ingenuity, a monument to progress and the pursuit of architectural excellence. Step into a world where boundaries are re-imagined, and innovation knows no bounds, for within these walls, the future takes shape, one resolute beam at a time.

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