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Hot rolled – ISMB, ISMC, ISA

Hot rolled – ISMB, ISMC, ISA

In layman’s terms, rolling is targeted as the temperature at which the metal is rolled. In case the temperature is above the re-crystallization temperature, then the process is called hot rolling. When it comes to usage, the Hot rolled – ISMB, ISMC, and ISA will process more tonnage when compared to any of the other manufacturing processes.

Our team from the house of CND Engineering is more than happy to offer you the best hot rolled options here. Depending on the Indian standards, we are able to make changes, as per the client’s growing demands these days. 

Learning About the Standards

Before you proceed further and get your hands on the Hot rolled – ISMB, ISMC, and ISA options from our side, understanding the Indian standards is important. At least, you will have knowledge before asking for a lot from our side. 



ISMB mainly talks about the Indian standard medium-weight beams. We have different versions in store for us and some of the major ones are listed below for reference.

ISMB 100

ISMB 125

ISMB 150

ISMB 175

ISMB 200

ISMB 225

ISMB 250

ISMB 300

ISMB 350

ISMB 400

ISMB 450

ISMB 500

ISMB 550

ISMB 600



ISMC is the Indian standard medium-weight channel. These are available under multiple variations and some of those are:


ISMC 100

ISMC 125

ISMC 150

ISMC 175

ISMC 200

ISMC 225

ISMC 250

ISMC 300

ISMC 350

ISMC 400



Also known as Indian standard equal leg angles, ISA is known to have one such angle section with equal length of both the given legs. Such standards are widely used against compressive loads.

ISA 50

ISA 60

ISA 70

ISA 75

ISA 95

ISA 100

ISA 90

The wide use of hot rolled steel

The Hot rolled – ISMB, ISMC, and ISA from our side at CND Engineering are widely used in manufacturing agricultural equipment because of the higher tensile strength and also the formability associated with this field. 

  • The formability characteristics of our hot rolled materials will help them to bend simply to some of the complex designs, depending on the current steel grade.

  • Tractors, harvesters, and some other farm machinery will need the same strength that the hot-rolled option offers.

  • Other than that, hot rolled steel can also be used for railroad trucks, construction, sheet metal, and some other applications, which won’t need attractive finishes or any precise shape and tolerance level.


Choosing us as your best shot:


Being associated with the field of hot-rolled steel for quite some time now, we know what you are looking for in terms of quality materials. Our main goal is to make our clients happy and for that, we are sure to go to any length.

If you have a tight budget plan and cannot afford to spend quite some bucks on hot rolled steel, then you have come just to the right place. We are offering these steel options at affordable prices. All you need to do is give us a call or visit our official website in order to know more about the available packages from our side.

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