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Factory shed with GI roof sheeting and wall cladding by Prefabricated factory shed manufacturer in kolkata

Prefabricated factory shed
Roof Sheeting and Cladding Work 

❁ Project Details -  Length - 48 MTR, Width - 20 MTR, Height - 20 MTR.

❁ MS structural work in columns, beams with angle, channel section confirming to IS: 226, IS: 808 & SP (6)- 1964, Fabrication are welding confirming to IS: 816- 1956 & IS: 1995 and electrodes make and brand confirming to IS: 814- 1957 - 12.66 MT.

❁ Supplying, fixing of galvalume trim deck profile sheet as roof and vertical cladding using TATA 0.50 TCT 0.53 TPT, AZ 150 (SDP Coat) with insulation and GI mesh net at bottom - 4709 Sqm.

❁ Supply & fixing GI eaves gutter fitted and fixed with GI flat bar, GI bolts, washers using 2 mm Galvalume sheet - 119 Sqm.

❁ Supplying, fabricating, hosting and erecting of cold formed steel purlins, girts & runner confirming to IS 801 and IS 811 - 20.52 Mt.

❁Supplying, fitting, fixing of 6 inch PVC pipe - 460 Rmt.

❁ Customized funnel to joint gutter with PVC - 18 Pcs

Roof Sheeting and Cladding Work by one of the leading GI sheet installer and prefabricated factory shed manufacturer in Kolkata: A Comprehensive Overview of Materials and Processes


Roof sheeting and cladding work is an integral part of constructing a durable and efficient building. It involves installing various materials to protect the structure from weather elements, provide insulation, and enhance the overall aesthetics. In this article, we will delve into the project details and discuss the materials and processes used in this specific roof sheeting and cladding project.

Project Details

The project site measures 48 meters in length, 20 meters in width, and 20 meters in height. The main components of the project are as follows:

MS Structural Work - Columns and Beams

The foundation of any sturdy building lies in its structural work. In this project, Mild Steel (MS) structural elements, including columns and beams, are used. These are fabricated using welding techniques, adhering to the standards set by IS: 226, IS: 808, and SP (6)-1964. The fabrication process ensures the strength and stability of the structure, making it capable of withstanding various loads and stresses.

Galvalume Trim Deck Profile Sheet

For the roof and vertical cladding, the project utilizes Tata 0.50 TCT 0.53 TPT, AZ 150 (SDP Coat) Galvalume trim deck profile sheets. Galvalume is a combination of aluminum, zinc, and silicon, providing excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Additionally, insulation and a GI mesh net at the bottom are incorporated to improve energy efficiency and prevent condensation.

GI Eaves Gutter

To manage rainwater effectively, GI eaves gutters are supplied and fixed with GI flat bars, GI bolts, and washers. These gutters are made from 2mm Galvalume sheets, ensuring a long-lasting and leak-free drainage system.

Cold Formed Steel Purlins, Girts & Runner

Cold-formed steel purlins, girts, and runners are essential components in the roof structure. These elements, conforming to IS 801 and IS 811, are fabricated and erected to provide additional support and stability to the roof. They play a crucial role in distributing loads and maintaining the structural integrity of the building.

PVC Pipes and Customized Funnel

The project involves the installation of 6-inch PVC pipes, facilitating the proper drainage of rainwater from the roof. Additionally, customized funnels are used to efficiently join the gutters with the PVC pipes, ensuring a smooth and controlled flow of water.



Roof sheeting and cladding work is a complex process that requires meticulous planning and the use of high-quality materials. In this project, the combination of MS structural work, Galvalume trim deck profile sheets, GI eaves gutters, and cold-formed steel elements ensures a robust and efficient building envelope.

The integration of insulation and GI mesh net further enhances energy efficiency and prevents moisture-related issues. Additionally, the use of PVC pipes and customized funnels ensures effective rainwater management.

Overall, the successful completion of this roof sheeting and cladding project by the best GI sheet installer in Kolkata not only protects the building from external elements but also provides a comfortable and sustainable living or working space for its occupants.

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