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Prefabricated warehouse shed in Food Production unit at Jalan Industrial Complex.

Warehouse Shed (UP)

Warehouse Shed

❁ Fabrication,erection and one coat red-oxide with 

two enamel paint finish - 55000 Kg.

❁ sheet installation using aluminum profile sheet - 20000 Sqft.

❁ Ridge, corner and gable flashing - 86 Rmtr.

❁ Water out let using 6 inch PVC pipe - 40 Rmtr.

❁ Ridge monitor using TATA 0.50 mm color coated sheet - 6 pcs ( 2 mtr each)

The glory of storage: where functionality meets aesthetics 
Enter the realm of architectural grandeur with the Warehouse, the epitome of structural excellence that seamlessly blends form and function. Prepare to be mesmerized by the intricate details of this remarkable building, where chaos and explosion intertwine to create a mesmerizing story. 

 ❁ Take advantage of the perfect harmony of manufacturing, erection and a single layer of red oxide decorated with two bright enamel colors, culminating in a  total of 55,000 kgs of pure craftsmanship.  

 ❁ Gaze in awe at the majestic tile installation carefully crafted from aluminum profile sheets covering a whopping 20,000 square feet of space where modernity meets elegance. 

 ❁ Admire the brilliant ridge, corner and gable - a wonderful combination of design and practicality, gracefully extending  over  86 running meters, a testament to architectural artistry. ❁ See the efficiency of water drainage ingeniously designed with 6-inch PVC pipes extending over 40 running meters, ensuring a smooth drainage system that complements the magnificence of the structure. 

 ❁ Experience the magnificence of  Ridge Monitor, made of TATA 0.50mm paint coated sheets, 6 pieces, 2m long each, adding a stunning look to your warehouse ceiling. 

 In the warehouse, every detail dances with a purpose and every element is carefully designed to enhance the essence of the architecture. Here, in the strong walls and soaring ceilings, lies the heart of innovation and the spirit of human ingenuity. 

 As the sun sets over the Warehouse, casting  golden hues on the facade, it is a testament to the power of design, where art and technology intertwine to create a structure that not only serves a functional purpose, but captures the soul. Let the warehouse be the epitome of progress and architectural brilliance, where every beam and every bolt speaks of dedication and vision.

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