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Prefabricated office building on rooftop at Kharagpur.

Peb office building

Prefabricated office building structure

❁ Supply and fabrication, erection and final paint finish of roof structure - 26790 Kg.

❁ Supply and installation JSW 0.50 mm galvalume color coated sheet using HP self drill screw - 17258 Sqft

❁ Supply and installation of corner and gable flashing using 0.50 mm galvalume color coated sheet - 410 rft.

❁ Supply and installation of bracket less eave gutter using color coated sheet - 350 Rft.

❁ Supply and installation of down take pipe using 6 inch pvc pipe - 230 rft.

❁ Supply and installation of Hilti chemical anchor rod 16 X 150 mm - 245 Pcs.

❁ Supply and fabrication and erection of AC rack - 6800 Kg.

Modern prefabricated office building developed by the leading shed fabricator in Kolkata: a marvel of modern architecture

Welcome to the world of architectural innovations, where prefabricated office buildings are a symbol of modernity and efficiency. Be mesmerized by the intricacy of this unique creation, where confusion and explosion combine to create a story of architectural magnificence.

❁ Use wisdom in the delivery, manufacture, installation and final painting of the roof structure, resulting in an impressive strength of 26,790 kg.

❁ Admire the precision of JSW's 0.50mm galvalume paint-coated sheeting, expertly secured with HP self-tapping screws and beautifully covering 17,258 square feet where durability meets


❁ Admire the elegance of the corners and end mouldings, expertly crafted from 0.50mm galvalume coated sheets and spanning 410 running feet, accentuating the charm of the structure. ❁ Witness how effectively seamless gutters are ingeniously designed with color-coated sheets that seamlessly extend over 350 running feet and add sophistication to an office building.

❁ Check out Graceful Down Take Pipes, expertly designed 6-inch PVC pipes that extend over 230 running feet to provide a seamless drainage system for your building.

❁ Admire the strength of Hilti Chemical Anchor Rods, size 16 x 150mm, an impressive 245 pieces in total, anchoring the structure precisely.

❁ Witness the ingenuity of supplying, manufacturing and installing an expertly tailored AC rack, resulting in a strong 6800kg support for the building's cooling system.

Inside the prefabricated office buildings is a world of productivity and modern architecture, where avant-garde design meets industrial power. Here, under a sheltered roof and within well-planned boundaries, is a space that speaks of progress and an efficient working environment.
When the office comes to life in the structure and the walls are deliberately raised, it becomes a symbol of the future of workspaces. Let this architectural masterpiece inspire a new era of office building, where functionality meets innovation and every workplace becomes a reflection of efficiency and elegance.

As the sun casts its golden glow over prefabricated office buildings, installed by the best shed fabricator in Kolkata, it is a towering testament to human ingenuity, where design flourishes and every workspace experience is elevated into a seamless and inspiring journey. Transform this structure into a beacon of office efficiency and sophistication that will shape the landscape of modern workplaces and take the world of architecture to new heights of excellence.

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