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Cantilever tensile carparking for a top most builders in Kolkata

Tensile Carparking

Pergola Canopy at main gate

❁ Supply and Fabrication,erection using SHS,RHS,ISMC section - 14000 Kg. 

❁ Supply and installation of TATA 0.47 mm galvalume sheet at roof - 500 Sqft.

❁ Supply and installation of PVC board (VOX) board for false ceiling - 350 Sqft.

Cantilever car parking shed MS structure and tensile fabric.

❁ MS structure mady by 125 NB, 65 NB and 40 NB hollow pipe brand (Nezone/Apollo/Jindal) - 4620 Kg.

❁ Supply and installation 590 gsm fabric with aluminum flat - 3640 Sqft.

A seamless fusion of form and function: the cantilever car

Witness the epitome of architectural brilliance with the Cantilever Car Parking Shed, a harmonious blend of MS construction and stretch fabric that elevates the vehicle shelter concept. Prepare to be blown away by the complexity of this extraordinary creation, where confusion and explosion combine to tell a story of engineering and design.

❁ Check out the ingenuity of the MS construction, carefully crafted from 125NB, 65NB and 40NB hollow tubes and adorned with prestigious Nezone, Apollo or Jindal branding, culminating in a sturdy 4620 kg craft.

❁ Admire the seamless delivery and installation of 590 GSM Ferrari fabric that elegantly wraps aluminum and spans 3,640 square feet where innovation meets elegance.

The tensile car park interweaves engineering and art to create a stunning spectacle that not only shelters vehicles but also enhances the surrounding landscape. Here, under the curves and mild steel metals, lies a space that speaks of comfort and elegance.

The Cantilever Car Park is a high expression of the triumph of design, where functionality finds harmony with aesthetics. As vehicles find shelter under this protective canopy, passengers experience the simplicity and comfort of well-designed spaces.

Let this architectural marvel inspire a new era of parking solutions where practicality emerges as elegance and everyday life becomes art. When the sun casts its soft rays on the cantilever parking garage, it is a sign of innovation that invites the world to embrace the beauty of structural control and the limitless design possibilities.

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