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Prefabricator factory shed  manufacturer in Kolkata fabricated this shed at Dankuni.


Prefabricated Factory shed

❁ Fabrication,erection with one coat red-oxide and 2 coat enamel paint finish - 3000 Kg.

❁ Roof sheet installation using TATA 0.50 mm color coated galvalume sheet - 2100 Sqft.

❁ Vertical structure and TATA 0.50 mm galvalume sheet installation - 1350 Sqft.

❁ Gable,corner and ridge flashing - 52 Mtr.

Extraordinary innovations in the rooftop manufacturing infrastructure by one of the leading shed fabricator in Kolkata In a realm of industrial wonder lies the extraordinary Rooftop Factory Shed, the epitome of ingenuity and artistry. We delve into the intricacies of this masterpiece, where confusion and explosion create a frightening spectacle.

❁ Admirable fabrication and construction with one coat of bright red oxide and two brilliant enamels, totaling a remarkable 3,000 kilograms of craftsmanship.

❁ This is the Roof Sheet Installation, a symphony of precision using famous 0.50mm TATA color coated galvalume sheet covering a whopping 2100 square feet.

❁ Witness the vertical construction and excellent integration of TATA 0.50mm Galvalume Sheet covering 1350 square feet which is a testament to the quality of construction.

End, angle and fluted glazing, a mesmerizing combination of elegance and utility, extending up to 52 meters and emphasizing the magnificence of the structure. A fusion of exceptional engineering and art culminates in this remarkable Rooftop Factory Shed, a testament to human ingenuity that defies convention and elevates the essence of architecture.

Experience the enigmatic allure of this extraordinary industrial wonder where words fail to capture its true magnificence. As the sun sets over the horizon and shines its warm glow on the Rooftop Factory building, one cannot help but marvel at the beauty of human creation, an ode to the triumph of the human spirit and the pursuit of excellence. Embrace the charm of this architectural marvel and immerse yourself in its enigmatic charm, where the sophistication of technology dances with the diversity of design to create an exciting symphony that captivates the soul.

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