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Hollow Tubes – RHS, SHS, Round

Hollow Tubes – RHS, SHS, Round

Have you ever heard of the importance associated with hollow tubes? Well, we at CND Engineering are happy to help you understand the importance of Hollow Tubes – RHS, SHS, and Round and how you can get the best deals from our side without burning a hole in your pocket. 

A hollow structural section or also known as HSS is a form of metal that comes with a hollow version of a tubular section. These sections are mostly categorized under three heads:

  • Circular or CHS

  • Square or SHS

  • Rectangular or RHS

We have been working with each one of these sections for quite some time now. So, providing the best help as per your needs is the main concerning point for our team at CND Engineering.

The use of CHS

CHS Section

Our Circular hollow sections are perfect for strength and aesthetic help. CHS can be termed the first-ever form of hollow section. It can be used widely in ranges of mechanical, structural, and constructional zones.

  • From the architect’s point of view, the consistent clean lines will provide a smoother surface appearance, which can be employed in higher-profile applications.

  • It lacks protruding edges on some of the fully closed sections. It helps in reducing the exposure effect to certain elements and increases the level of cleanliness from dust and some of the other material build-ups.

RHS and its usability


We at CND Engineering would like to talk about Hollow Tubes – RHS, SHS, and Round in detail. Much like the round version, it is time to focus on the rectangular one.

  • Well, our RHS or the rectangular hollow sections are popular choices, designed for structural, mechanical, and constructional applications.

  • It is mainly because of the flat surface, which is primarily resulting from structural solution. 

  • That makes it highly economical for all the joining and other types of fabrication work.

  • Because of the rectangular shape, there is a need for a straight cut while joining to some of the other flat surfaces. 

  • RHS always needs minimalistic edge preparation for joining or covering welding.

Our RHS is mostly used for architectural aesthetics mainly because of the clean lines involved and the structural strength.

SHS and its usability

SHS Section

Square hollow sections or SHS from CND Engineering is another popular steel tube type, which is a middle-run between RHS and CHS options, when it comes to structural behavior, appearance, and attributes. 

  • SHS is known to have a flat surface, perfect for welding and joining, with clean lines and some minimalistic edge preparation. 

  • It even features some of the CHS attributes mainly because of the same appearance as formed in the equal-sided hollow square sections.

  • SHS also can offer you the perfect balance between functioning abilities, strength, and aesthetic appearance for various applications.

So, next time you are planning to get your hands on Hollow Tubes – RHS, SHS, and Round for structural integrity and aesthetic value, call us at CND Engineering right away! We are ready to help you explore your options.

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