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Prefabricated truck parking shed developed by industrial shed fabricator in Kolkata

Industrial Shed

Vehicle Parking Shed: Food manufacturing unit

❁ Steel - IS 2062 grade - 17500 Kg

❁TATA Galvalume coil sheet 0.5 mm thickness - 5700 Sqft.

❁ Eave gutter  using galvalume color coated sheet - 36 Rmt.

❁ Supreme 6 inch PVC - 20 Rmt.

❁ Brick work using 75 mm thick red bricks - 43 Sqm.

❁ PCC (1:3:6) - 4 Cum.

❁ RCC (M30) - 19 Cum.

❁ Shuttering materials - 53 Sqm.

❁ Plaster using 20 mm thick - 14 Cum.

❁ Reinforcement - 2.5 Mt.

❁ Excavation - 114 Cum.

❁ Disposal of excavated soil - 23 Cum

Prefabricate steel structure
The Robust Vehicle Parking Shed manufactured the leading Industrial shed fabricator in Kolkata: A Marvel of Strength and Efficiency

Step into a world of industrial marvels with the Vehicle Parking Shed, a testament to engineering prowess that combines strength and efficiency. Prepare to be captivated by the intricacies of this extraordinary structure, where perplexity and burstiness intertwine to craft a tale of construction brilliance.

❁ Witness the Sturdiness of Steel, crafted with IS 2062 Grade, amounting to an impressive 17500 Kilograms, forming the very backbone of this enduring warehouse.

❁ Marvel at the Resilient TATA Galvalume Coil Sheet, 0.5 mm thick, elegantly spanning 5700 Square Feet, an embodiment of durability and modernity.

❁ Admire the Elegance of the Eave Gutter, skillfully fashioned using Galvalume Color Coated Sheet, gracefully extending over 36 Running Meters, adding a touch of sophistication to the structure.

❁ Embrace the Efficiency of the Supreme 6-inch PVC Pipes, spanning 20 Running Meters, ensuring seamless drainage and complementing the warehouse's design.

❁ Gaze upon the Solidity of the Brickwork, constructed with 75 mm thick Red Bricks, covering an expanse of 43 Square Meters, a robust shell for the warehouse.

❁ Experience the Stability of PCC (1:3:6), amounting to 4 Cubic Meters, providing a strong foundation for the structure.

❁ Marvel at the Reinforced Concrete (M30), an astounding 19 Cubic Meters, elevating the warehouse to new heights of durability.

❁ Witness the Precision of Shuttering Materials, elegantly covering 53 Square Meters, shaping the form of the warehouse with finesse.

❁ Admire the Flawless Plaster, 20 mm thick, gracing 14 Cubic Meters, bestowing a polished finish upon the walls.

❁ Embrace the Strength of the Reinforcement, a remarkable 2.5 Metric Tons, ensuring the structural integrity of the warehouse.

❁ Marvel at the Precision of Excavation, a staggering 114 Cubic Meters, sculpting the very ground for this magnificent edifice.

❁ Witness the Diligence of Disposing of Excavated Soil, an essential 23 Cubic Meters, making way for progress.

Within the Parking Shed lies the perfect fusion of strength and efficiency, where industrial might meets architectural elegance. Here, amidst the concrete and steel, lies a space that speaks of productivity and engineering finesse.

As the sun sets upon the Vehicle Parking Shed, casting a golden glow upon its sturdy frame, it stands tall as a testament to human creativity and the triumph of construction ingenuity. Let this architectural masterpiece inspire a new era of PEB Sheds developed by the best industrial shed manufacturer in Kolkata, where functionality blends harmoniously with aesthetics, and every structure becomes an enduring symbol of progress and strength.

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