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structural works of a factory plant and loadcell structure in storage tank of paint manufacturing unit at Rishra.

Factory Shed
Steel Structural work for the installation of storage tank of a construction work related chemical having load cell component.

❁ Steel work welded in rolled section / framed work, including cutting, hosting, fixing with RHS, SHS, black tubes, MS angle including of chequered plate using Electrodes to be used confirming to IS 6013/7018 - 25 Mt.

❁ Painting of new and exiting structure including smoothing of surface  - 40 Mt.

❁ Dismantle, modification and installation of exiting structure - 15 Mt.

Steel Structural Work for Construction Chemical Storage Tank with Load Cell Component by the leading structural steel fabricator in Kolkata


The construction of a chemical storage tank entails vital steel structural work, encompassing various processes to ensure a robust and reliable system. Here's an overview of the key aspects involved:

Steel Work: Welding, Framing, and Fixing The steel structural work forms the foundation of this project, involving precise welding of rolled sections and framed works. Additionally, cutting, hosting, and fixing the steel components are meticulously carried out to guarantee stability. We employ quality materials like RHS, SHS, black tubes, and MS angle, along with chequered plates, ensuring safety and preventing slippage. The welding process adheres to Electrodes confirming to IS 6013/7018 standards, maintaining integrity.

Painting and Surface Smoothing To safeguard the steel structure from corrosion and rust, painting is executed meticulously, serving both aesthetic and protective purposes. Furthermore, surface smoothing is employed to eliminate roughness and facilitate easy cleaning, enhancing functionality.

Dismantling, Modification, and Installation When modifications or replacements are required for existing structures, our team possesses the expertise to efficiently and safely dismantle them. Afterward, tailored modifications are implemented to meet evolving needs. The installation of updated or new steel structural components is done with precision, ensuring safety and reliability.

In summary, the steel structural work for the construction of a chemical storage tank, equipped with a load cell component, demands meticulous execution and adherence to high standards. By prioritizing welding, framing, fixing, painting, and modifications, a sturdy and efficient storage solution is achieved, promoting safety and longevity in construction chemical projects.

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