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PUF panel distributor and installer

When it comes to construction work, it is indeed mandatory to know that we are using the best PUF or polyurethane foam panel. PUF is one of the widely used sandwich-based panels associated with prefabricated construction technology. As we, at CND Engineering, are known to work on modular offices, homes, and resorts, it means we are associated with the prefab arena for a long time now. So, there is always a growing use of PUF panels and other insulated materials for wall cladding from our side.

We are the known distributor and installer of PUF panels in Kolkata where we source the products from different vendors, who have been working with us for ages now. So, you can expect to get the most promising reward from our side now. 

More on PUF panels

PUF panels are known for their sandwich panels. It comprises two sheets, which are made using pre-painted galvanized iron or any equivalent form of structural sheet. 

  • There comes an insulated layer around the core arena, made using polyurethane foam.

  • The sheets can either be metallic in nature or non-metallic and are available now in various combinations.

Get on the thickness level

Before we proceed further and start using PUF panels and other insulated materials for wall cladding for the prefabricated buildings, we are ready to know more about PUF panels. It ensures that we always use the best product for our client’s buildings and resorts.

  • The PUF panel thickness will differ depending on the client’s flexible requirement. There will be a change in the density as well.

  • These panels are known to have higher thermal insulation properties. 

  • It is one major attribute, which will prove to be quite useful these days.

  • The insulation will help the panels to offer that optimum room temperature as and when asked for.

Versatility you cannot ignore

Another major reason for us to rely on PUF panels is the versatility that it comes with. These panels, that we use, can be widely categorized for manufacturing walls, roofs, foundations, or flooring of the prefab modules. We have worked on the PUF panel because of some noted features. Some of those are:

  • Sturdiness to consider

  • Higher structural durability

  • High-end longevity to make the prefab modules stand erect for a long time

  • Modular in nature

  • Pre-engineered by our team from CND Engineering for accuracy and precise dimensions

  • Easy for anyone to dismantle when not needed and then transport to a new location as required

  • Resistant to all kinds of harsh weather conditions

  • Quicker installation, taking place onsite

  • Resistant to fire, termites, and water

  • Energy saving is another probable feature because of the thermal insulation

So, now you know why we are moving towards the varied uses of PUF panels and other insulated materials for wall cladding these days. We have procured the best raw materials from trusted vendors, just to get the job done on time and without compromising on the quality at all. Our services regarding prefab buildings are just a call away!

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