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Fabrication work for MS structural shed of paint manufacturing unit at Rishra.

Supply & fabrication work for MS structural shed over new storage tanks.

❁ Supply of MS hot rolled section as per IS 2062 - 60 Mt

❁ Fabrication erection of MS structure with  Gr.6013 welding electrodes - 60 Mt.

❁ Supply and installation of galvalume color coated sheet IS 277 - 17000 Sqft.

❁ Corner gable ridge flashing using galvalume color coated sheet as per IS 277 - 160  Rmt.

❁ Supply & fixing of eave gutter using 0.50 mm galvalume color coated sheet - 160 Rmt.

❁ Supply and fixing of 6 inch PVC rain water drain pipe with all screws, clamps - 500 Rft.

❁ Supply and fixing of Unbrako make bolts 10.8 grade - 650 Kgs.

We are pleased to offer our services for the supply and fabrication of a robust MS structural shed over the new storage tanks. Here are the details of the work we propose to carry out:

Supply of MS Hot Rolled Section as per IS 2062 - 60 Mt: We will provide high-quality MS hot rolled sections that comply with the IS 2062 standards. These sections will form the sturdy foundation of the structural shed.

Fabrication and Erection of MS Structure with Gr.6013 Welding Electrodes - 60 Mt: Our skilled team will undertake the fabrication and erection of the MS structure using Gr.6013 welding electrodes. This process ensures strong and reliable joints for the structural components.

Supply and Installation of Galvalume Color Coated Sheet IS 277 - 17000 Sqft: To ensure optimum protection and longevity, we will supply and install galvalume color coated sheets that meet IS 277 standards. These sheets will cover an area of 17000 square feet, providing excellent weather resistance.

Corner Gable Ridge Flashing using Galvalume Color Coated Sheet as per IS 277 - 160 Rmt: We will meticulously install corner gable ridge flashing using galvalume color coated sheets in accordance with IS 277 standards. This feature adds to the shed's durability and enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Supply & Fixing of Eave Gutter using 0.50 mm Galvalume Color Coated Sheet - 160 Rmt: The supply and fixing of eave gutters are essential to ensure effective drainage and prevent water-related issues. We will use 0.50 mm galvalume color coated sheets for this purpose, ensuring durability and functionality.

Supply and Fixing of 6 Inch PVC Rainwater Drain Pipe with all Screws and Clamps - 500 Rft: To efficiently manage rainwater, we will supply and install a 6-inch PVC rainwater drain pipe, complete with all necessary screws and clamps. This system will ensure proper drainage, protecting the structural shed.

Supply and Fixing of Unbrako Make Bolts 10.8 Grade - 650 Kgs: We will provide high-strength Unbrako make bolts of 10.8 grade, ensuring robust connections and structural stability throughout the shed.

With our, one of the best shed fabricator in Kolkata,  expertise and dedication to quality, we aim to deliver a top-notch MS structural shed that meets your requirements and ensures the safety and longevity of the new storage tanks. Please feel free to reach out to us for any further clarifications or to initiate the project.

Supply, installation and commissioning of 10 mm multiwall Lexan polycarbonate sheet installation with MS structure 

❁ Providing and fixing of MS structure fabrication and erection including all consumables and accessories. - 15 Mt.

❁ Providing and fixing of polycarbonate sheet installation using 10 mm multiwall Lexan sheet fitted in MS frame to make the system leak proof - 14000 Sqft.

❁ Providing and fixing charges for corner flashing between polycarbonate sheet - 2800 Rft.

❁ Dismantling charges for the exiting structural frames with fitted glasses safety and stacking of the usable materials - 14000 Sqft.

We, the leading shed fabricator in Kolkata, are pleased to offer a complete package that includes the supply, installation and commissioning of a 10mm multi-wall Lexa polycarbonate sheet system integrated into the MS structure. Here are the details of the services offered:


Fabrication and construction of MS structure - 15 Mt: Our skilled team handles the fabrication and construction of the MS structure, ensuring careful construction using quality materials. This package contains all the necessary wear parts and accessories needed for a durable and reliable build.


Installation of Polycarbonate Sheet - 14000 Sq.ft.: We expertly install 10mm multi-wall Lexan polycarbonate sheets to the MS frame to create a leak proof system. These polycarbonate sheets are known for their exceptional durability and weather resistance, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.


Corner light installation - 2800 Rft: For additional protection and a seamless appearance, we install corner strips between the polycarbonate sheets. This feature prevents water ingress and improves the overall integrity of the system.


Dismantling and stacking of materials - 14,000 square feet: As part of our services, we carefully dismantle existing structural frames with glass. Safety is our top priority in this process and we carefully handle reusable materials and ensure proper stacking for future use. Our experienced team is fully equipped to handle the entire process of delivery, installation and commissioning. We guarantee you a high-quality solution that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. If you have any questions or want to continue with the project, please contact us. We want to serve you with professionalism and excellence.

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