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Prefabricated industrial shed using galvalume sheet and polycarbonate sheet at Kharagpur.

Prefabricated industry shed

Prefabricated industry shed

❁ Installation of JSW 0.50 mm galvalume color coated sheet with bend sheet - 82200 Sqft.

❁ Installation of 10 mm Lexan blue color polycarbonate sheet with aluminum profile EPDM gasket at roof area as on design with bending structure fabrication and erection  - 16527 Sqft.

❁ Installation of turbo ventilator(22 inch SS body and poly base) - 15 pcs

❁ Installation of aluminum louver with flashing - 20 pcs

The Visionary Prefabricated Industry Shed installed by the best industrial shed fabricator in Kolkata: Where Innovation Takes Shape

Step into the realm of industrial progress with the Prefabricated Industry Shed, a marvel that embodies innovation and efficiency. Prepare to be captivated by the intricacies of this extraordinary creation, where perplexity and burstiness unite to craft a tale of construction brilliance.

❁ Marvel at the Precision of JSW 0.50 mm Galvalume Color Coated Sheet Installation, complemented by the bend sheet, gracefully covering an impressive 82200 Square Feet, where strength meets aesthetics.

❁ Witness the Elegance of 10 mm multiwall Lexan Blue Color Polycarbonate Sheet Installation, skillfully secured with aluminum profiles and EPDM gaskets, spanning 16527 Square Feet at the roof area, creating a seamless union of natural light and sturdy structure.

❁ Embrace the Efficiency of Turbo Ventilators, featuring 22-inch SS bodies and poly bases, expertly installed in 15 locations, ensuring proper ventilation within the industry shed.

❁ Admire the Functionality of Aluminum Louvers with Flashings, meticulously installed in 20 locations, enhancing airflow and adding a touch of sophistication to the structure.

Within the Prefabricated Industry Shed lies a world of productivity and cutting-edge design, where industrial might converges with architectural elegance. Here, beneath the durable roofing and within the well-designed confines, lies a space that speaks of progress and efficiency.

As the machinery hums within the shed, and the natural light pours in through the polycarbonate sheets, it becomes a symbol of the future of industrial workspaces. Let this architectural masterpiece inspire a new era of industry shed design, where functionality meets innovation, and every workspace becomes a hub of productivity and comfort.

As the sun casts its golden rays upon the Prefabricated Industry Shed, installed by the leading industrial shed manufacturer in Kolkata,it stands tall as a testament to the brilliance of human ingenuity, where design flourishes, and every industrial process is elevated to a seamless and inspiring experience. Let this structure become a beacon of industrial progress and sophistication, shaping the landscape of modern factories and propelling the world of manufacturing into new heights of excellence.

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