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Z Purlin and C Purlin

There are different major components, which help in improving the stability rate of a metal building. In terms of roofing and their growing needs, you can always see the use of purlins big time. Right now, you can get premium-quality Z Purlin and C Purlin from us at CND Engineering. The main goal of these metallic purlins is to provide proper structural support to the roof, as and when needed.

  • We are ready to provide the premium installation ourselves so that you don’t have to worry about the final installation process at all. Let our experts handle it on your behalf. 

  • Our contractors have been working with the required materials for a long time, ready to offer successful installation within a few hours. We won’t take much time from your side as well.

  • Remember that not all metal purlins from our side are the same. They come in different sizes and types.

  • So, it is vital for you to know the differences in order to use the proper purlin for your project. Well, there is nothing to worry about as we are here to help you with the right selection process now.

Understanding what metal purlin actually is

A metal purlin happens to be a horizontal and light in weight beam or bar, used for roofing’s structural support. Other than providing the right support, metal purlins can also help in increasing the resistance level of the building to some heavy wind situations.

  • Purlins are the secondary component of the commercial, residential, and industrial metal buildings.

  • Whenever you are trying to use it with roofing, the metal Z Purlin and C Purlin from our side will support the roof decking’s weight.

  • So, that makes purlin one of the major elements to be added for enhancing structural support to your roof.

Depending on the shapes, there are different types of purlins available now. You have to check out the common types before jumping straight into using one for your project. Our experts from CND Engineering are happy to help!

C Purlins

C Purlin

Also known as C Purlins, these are shaped like the letter C and offer structural support for the beams, needed for flooring and walls. 

Apart from working with the roofing sector, the C purlins can present the right kind of wall-based structural support and also as floor joists.

Z purlin

Z Purlin

Much like C one, the Z purlins are also important. These are horizontal beams, which will form the wall and roof joists of the building shell structure. The Z shape of the purline helps the joints to overlap, making them sturdier and stronger. They are widely used for their strength on some large-scale structures.

Happy to help:

Next time you are looking to get your hands on Z Purlin and C Purlin, make sure to contact us now. We are ready to offer you the best rewarding help all the time, without burning a hole in your pocket. It just takes a single call to reach out to us.

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