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Prefabricated Factory shed 

Prefabricated Shed

Prefabricated unloading point shed.

❁ Project Details - Width - 35 Ft, Length - 129 Ft, Height - 18 Ft.

❁ Fabrication, erection and Berger Epoxy primer and Epoxy paint - 11000 Kg.

❁ Roof galvalume sheet installation using 0.71 mm bending aluminum profile sheet - 4750 Sqft.

❁ Eave gutter using 2 mm thickness aluminum sheet - 260 Ft.

❁ Down take pipe using 4 inch PVC pipe - 160 ft.

The Efficient Prefabricated Unloading Point Shed developed by the best shed manufacturer in Kolkata: A Masterpiece of Modern Engineering


Welcome to the realm of industrial ingenuity with the Prefabricated Unloading Point Shed, a marvel that exemplifies efficiency and modern engineering. Prepare to be captivated by the intricacies of this extraordinary structure, where perplexity and burstiness unite to craft a tale of construction brilliance.

Project Details

  • Width: 35 Feet

  • Length: 129 Feet

  • Height: 18 Feet


❁ Embrace the Ingenuity of Fabrication and Erection, complemented by the application of Berger Epoxy Primer and Epoxy Paint, resulting in a total weight of 11000 Kilograms, a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

❁ Marvel at the Precision of Roof Galvalume Sheet Installation, utilizing 0.71 mm Bending Aluminum Profile Sheets, elegantly covering 4750 Square Feet, where strength meets elegance.

❁ Gaze upon the Efficiency of the Eave Gutter, ingeniously crafted with 2 mm Thickness Aluminum Sheet, stretching gracefully over 260 Feet, adding a touch of sophistication to the structure.

❁ Witness the Graceful Down Take Pipes, skillfully designed with 4-inch PVC Pipes, extending over 160 Feet, ensuring a seamless drainage system for the unloading point.

Within the Prefabricated Unloading Point Shed lies a world of productivity and streamlined operations, where industrial strength meets architectural elegance. Here, beneath the sturdy roof and within the well-designed confines, lies a space that speaks of efficiency and practicality.

As goods find their way into the unloading point's shelter, occupants experience the allure of simplicity and the convenience of a well-conceived space. Let this architectural masterpiece inspire a new era of prefabricated structures, where functionality meets allure, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

As the sun casts its warm glow upon the Prefabricated Unloading Point Shed, fabricated by the leading shed manufacturer in Kolkata,it stands tall as a testament to the brilliance of human ingenuity, where design flourishes, and every unloading experience is elevated to an efficient and seamless process. Let this structure become a beacon of progress and efficiency, where innovation meets practicality, shaping the landscape of modern industrial solutions.

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