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Prefabricated building with steel structure of paint manufacturing unit at Rishra.

PEB Building
PEB Building with Steel Structure

❁ Type of Job - Steel Building G+1 

❁ Project Details -  

          Length - 5 MTR.

          Width - 4.5 MTR.

          Height - 8 MTR.

❁ MS Materials used in Project - 20 MT

          (With Mezzanine Floor)

❁ Sheet Area - 4600 SQFT.

❁ Bracket less Eave Gutter - 10 MTR.

❁ Down take Pipe Line 6 inch PVC   - 100 FT.

❁ Roof and Vertical Sheet with - TATA 0.50 TCT 0.53 TPT, AZ 150(SDP Coat)

Project Report for Prefabricated Building with Steel Structure fabricated by the leading steel building building fabricator in Kolkata


A. Job Category: G+1 Steel Building


B. Project Particulars:


Length: 5 meters

Breadth: 4.5 meters

Height: 8 meters

Materials Utilized in the Undertaking:

MS (Mild Steel) - 20 MT (Metric Tons) (Inclusive of Mezzanine Floor)

Total Sheet Area: 4600 sqft

Roof and Vertical Sheet Specifications:

TATA 0.50 TCT (Total Coated Thickness)

0.53 TPT (Thickness of Profiled Sheet)

AZ 150 (Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Coating with a coating mass of 150 g/m²)

SDP Coat (Super Durable Polyester Coating)

Additional Components:

Bracketless Eave Gutter: 10 meters

Down-take Pipe Line (6-inch PVC): 100 ft.


C. Project Overview:

The endeavor involves erecting a Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) furnished with a steel framework in a G+1 configuration. The structure will span 5 meters in length, 4.5 meters in breadth, and rise 8 meters high. The primary building material used is Mild Steel (MS), with a total quantity of 20 Metric Tons, which encompasses the Mezzanine Floor.

Sheet Specifications:

The roofing and vertical sheets for the PEB structure will be procured from TATA Steel and will comply with the following specifications:

TATA 0.50 TCT: The sheet's Total Coated Thickness will measure 0.50 mm, ensuring structural integrity and stability.

0.53 TPT: The Thickness of the Profiled Sheet will be 0.53 mm, providing enhanced load-bearing capacity and durability.

AZ 150: The sheets will incorporate an Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Coating with a mass of 150 g/m², delivering exceptional corrosion resistance and longevity to the edifice.

SDP Coat: The sheets will receive a coating of Super Durable Polyester, offering superior weather resistance and preserving an appealing appearance over time.


Additional Components:

Bracketless Eave Gutter: The structure will be fitted with a bracketless eave gutter that extends over 10 meters. This gutter system will effectively collect and redirect rainwater away from the building, mitigating water-related concerns.

Down-take Pipe Line: A 6-inch PVC down-take pipe line, spanning 100 ft, will be installed to facilitate the proper drainage of rainwater from the eave gutter to the ground or designated drainage system.


Mezzanine Floor:

The project incorporates a mezzanine floor within the building, contributing to the overall utilization of 20 MT of MS materials.



The proposed Pre-Engineered Building, featuring a steel framework, G+1 configuration, and TATA Steel sheets, showcases an innovative and robust solution. The meticulous selection of materials and the inclusion of essential components ensure that the edifice will possess enduring strength, resilience against environmental factors, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Adherence to sound engineering practices and construction methodologies will guarantee the creation of a safe and efficient PEB structure, adhering to the specified dimensions and requirements.

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