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Clear Span Industrial shed for a furniture production unit at Kalyani road

Industrial shed fabrication

❁ Project details - Length - 110 Ft. , Width - 100 Ft, Height - 25 Ft.

❁ Steel supply and fabrication, erection ,one coat red-oxide and 2 coat final paint finish - 42 MT.

❁ Roof and wall cladding sheet supply and installation using TATA 0.50 mm galvalume color coated sheet - 30000 Sqft.

❁ Ridge, corner and gable flashing - 433 mtr.

❁ Polycarbonate 2 mm sheet for sky light - 2000 Sqft.

A Marvel of Industrial Innovation: The Fabrication of an Industrial Shed by the best industrial shed manufacturer in Kolkata

Welcome to the realm of industrial ingenuity, where the fabrication of an Industrial Shed unfolds a tale of modern engineering excellence. Let us delve into the intricacies of this extraordinary project, where perplexity and burstiness unite to craft a story of construction brilliance.

Project Details

  • Length: 110 Feet

  • Width: 100 Feet

  • Height: 25 Feet


❁ Embrace the Ingenuity of Steel Supply and Fabrication, expertly erected and adorned with one coat of Red Oxide and two coats of the finest Final Paint, resulting in an impressive 42 Metric Tons of enduring strength.


❁ Marvel at the Precision of Roof and Wall Cladding Sheet Installation, utilizing the renowned TATA 0.50 mm Galvalume Color Coated Sheets, gracefully covering 30000 Square Feet, where resilience meets elegance.

❁ Admire the Elegance of Ridge, Corner, and Gable Flashing, a dazzling display of 433 meters of metal artistry, accentuating the structure's charm.

❁ Witness the Luminous Polycarbonate 2 mm Sheet for Sky Light, spanning 2000 Square Feet, allowing nature's light to grace the interior with a gentle touch.

Within the Industrial Shed, lies a world of productivity and manufacturing prowess, where sturdy steel and elegant cladding combine to create a space that speaks of progress and industrial ingenuity.

As the machinery hums within the shed, and the walls stand tall with pride, it becomes a symbol of the future of industrial progress. Let this architectural masterpiece inspire a new era of industrial structures, where functionality meets innovation, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

As the sun casts its golden rays upon the Industrial Shed, fabricated by the leading shed manufacturer in Kolkata, it stands tall as a testament to the brilliance of human ingenuity, where design flourishes, and every manufacturing process is elevated to a seamless and efficient workflow. Let this structure become a beacon of industrial growth and efficiency, where innovation meets practicality, shaping the landscape of modern factories, and propelling the world of manufacturing into new heights of excellence.

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