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Nut- Bolts


Nut - Bolts

If you are getting ready to enter the contracting job, then the value of nut bolts is hard to resist. These nuts and bolts will get the job right for you. We, at CND Engineering, have been associated with the construction world for a long time and have worked with some of the best Nut bolts in town. The main goal of these materials is to ensure the best fastener support needed to enhance the safety notion of our structure.

Pretty simple to install and uninstall

The Nut bolts that we use are reliable and can be used for covering various uses at the same time. The design makes them quite easy to assemble and also disassemble. We won’t have to provide much effort from our side as well.

  • Because of their growing strength, these fastener types can hold higher loads with ease.

  • In any case, they get loose with time, tightening them and returning them to their original strength won’t be troublesome work at all and can be done by anyone.

So many types that we use

       We at CND Engineering are known to use different types of nut bolts because we are here to handle various kinds of projects. So, learning about the types is important before you can finally start your work with us. 

  • Foundation nut bolt:

Our foundational nut bolts are able to provide a durable and strong solution to connect both non-structural and structural elements to the concrete materials. These foundation bolts are now available in different size configurations and styles, for matching different types of applications here.

  • Anchor bolts:

We have a separate team working with the anchor bolts these days. These bolts are highly designed to attach the structural elements to any concrete base surface. Within our industry, anchor bolts are widely used for attaching steel to the concrete base. Later, the end of the bolt gets embedded within the concrete. On the other hand, the thread’s opposite end is threaded for attaching to the structural support.

  • Chemical anchoring:

Our team of experts from CND Engineering is known to work on the chemical anchoring section. It is mainly targeted as a technique for fastening to concrete and some similar substances that offer a higher flexibility rate when compared to mechanical anchoring. Also known as sleeve anchor, the mechanical anchor is inserted within the concrete and then it will expand, based on the tightening feature.

  • 8.8 grade nut bolt and washer:

In this bolt, the nominal tensile strength will be 800 MPa. The Normal yield strength is going to be 80% of the nominal tensile strength. So, it is going to be 640 MPa. We are ready to work on such 8.8-grade nut bolts and washers as well, in order to get our tasks done and dusted.

Give us a call now!

These are some of the major Nut bolts we use for covering our construction projects with ease. To learn more about these bolts, feel free to give us a call. For that, always keep our numbers handy.

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