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Mastering the Art of Building a Strong and Waterproof Roof Shed: A Detailed Technical Exploration

Roof Shed

Detail of Truss Bantala SM Overseas -Drawing
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Detail of Column Layout Bantala SM Overseas - Drawing
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Constructing a roof shed that can withstand water seepage requires attention to aspects and smart material selection. In this examination we will delve into the specifications and methods necessary, for creating a high quality roof shed that prioritizes integrity and resistance to water. CND Engineering is one of the key manufacturer of Building Strong,Waterproof and Durable Roof Shed.


Project Size and Requirements


The project at hand covers an area measuring 40.375 meters by 12.765 meters demanding planning and execution. It is crucial to ensure the sheds durability against factors, water, which calls for specific materials and techniques.


Materials Selection and Specifications


Nezone Tubes: These tubes form the core structure of the shed providing strength and stability.

Galvalume Sheet: TATA BlueScope Colorbond XRW.53mm TPT: This sheet is highly regarded for its durability and resistance to corrosion making it an ideal choice against external elements, particularly water infiltration.

Colorbond Coil Accessories: All accessories are thoughtfully selected to complement the design while enhancing functionality.


Breakdown of Materials and Specifications


An inventory detailing the materials used and their specifications:


 Column (Nezon)- SHS 132X132X4.8: Quantity: 1460.00 kg

 Truss Top Section- SHS 100 X 100 X 4: Quantity: 2042.00 kg

 Truss Bottom Section- SHS 100 X 100 X 4: Quantity: 1971.00 kg

 Truss Crossing Section- SHS 60X60X2.6: Quantity:1202.00 kg

 Roof Purlin- SHS96 X48 X3.2: Quantity:2617.00 kg

 Truss Bottom Runner- SHS72X72X3.2: Quantity:886.00 kg

 Column, to Column Runner- SHS72X72X3.2: Quantity:604.00 kg

 Purlin & Gable Purlin (Nezon) – RHS60X40X2.6:  Quantity:853.00 kg

 Base Plate (Cut to Size Rate) – 350X350X16 :  Quantity :443.00kg

 T o p Plate (Cut to Size Rate) – 200 X200x10  Quantity :105.0kg

 Stiffener Plate (Cut to Size Rate)– 300 x350x10 :  Quantity :469.0kg

 Angle– 50 x50x6 :  Quantity :210.0kg


Total Weight of Materials :12862.0kg


Certification and Project Cost Analysis


The entire design has undergone a thorough evaluation and certification process using STAAD Pro software ensuring compliance, with structural standards and industry regulations.

The overall value of the project amounts to 1,779,325.50/- resulting in a cost of /-3,453, per meter. This comprehensive cost includes components such as steel materials, galvalume sheets, accessories, PVC pipes, fabrication work, installation, and painting.


In conclusion


To successfully construct a roof shed of this scale it is crucial to integrate design, materials, and execution. The detailed specifications have been thoroughly examined by software analysis to ensure that the structure remains waterproof and structurally stable in the run.


By utilizing high quality materials like Nezone Tubes and TATA BlueScope Colorbond XRW 0.53mm TPT we not only guarantee strength but also long lasting resilience against environmental factors. This investment stands as a testament to durability and superior quality.


With adherence to these specifications and certified designs you can achieve a water-resistant roof shed that is structurally sound. This guarantees lasting protection and reliability, for all your construction endeavors.

So if you need high quality roof shed please contact CND Engineering pvt Ltd.

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